Meet The Team Page

Aug 2019

The team behind ArtsFox's many bizarre and wonderful machinations might very well be small, butdespite the frequent round-table calls for Jaye's untimely expulsion-we wouldn't have it any other way. Introducing...


the Developer

ArtsFox's lone developer-known only to few, and then only by the moniker Sythnet-has been responsible for making the magic unfold in such iconic, timeless classics as Acorn Joey, Alena's Quest and Lost Fruit. When not tirelessly coding the night away, Sythnet codes the day away too.

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the Writer

Jaye is content-writer for the ArtsFox team, having told the bulk of our much-maligned tales and lovingly crafted so many of our ill-reputed characters. His love for cute things like insects and Dedennes makes him the unfortunate recipient of the team's cruel, institutional bullying.

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the Illustrator

Chelsey is ArtsFox's spell-binding resident illustrator, famed amongst the team for her esteemed art on many of our classic computer games and web-comics. Sweet just until you get to know her, Chelsey is the team's most prized and powerful weapon in our war against desperate infamy and bitter obscurity.

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