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Project 2011 (return)

The following game "Project 2011" is an on-going development project, if you want to help us support Project 2011 and contribute your ideas to the game, you can support us on our Patreon by clicking here


Young Daniel was nothing more than a no-good thief before that fateful morning when he woke up, confused, in kindly Mary-Sue’s cornfield. Where had he been? How had he wound up here, in this filthy farm-town? With these thoughts in mind, his journey would commence! From the Orchards into Ironmead and into the terrible, dark woods beyond, Daniel set out on his quest to… well, remember whatever it was he’d forgotten.

When he is attacked by a sinister, hooded stranger, Daniel decides to head to the island’s historic capital of Ravencrest for answers. What he begins to uncover there is a shocking web of lies and intrigue that threaten to tear the island nation apart when the explosive truth is out… and really, quite literally!

World Map


As of 23 / 09 / 2016, we currenly have 10 skills we have in mind. These skills consist of:

  • Fishing: Fishing is a skill which will allow you to catch different types of fishing using a fishing rod
  • Woodcutting: Woodcutting is a skill which will allow you to crop down different types of trees using a hatchet
  • Farming: Farming is a skill which will let you harvest and farm different plants, allowing you to create food or ingredients
  • Mining: Mining is a skill which will allow you to collect ore from different types of rocks, allowing you to create weapons, armour or use as an ingredient
  • Crafting: Crafting is a skill which will allow you to craft items with different fabrics
  • Thieving: Thieving is a skill which will allow you to steal and raid from houses, not playable characters and dungeons
  • Brewing: Brewing is a skill which will allow you to mix different ingredients to make potions
  • Assassin: Assassin is a skill which will used for the slaying of creatures or characters
  • Durability: Durability is a skill which will help with your agility, allowing you to perform actions for a longer period of time
  • Smithing: Smithing is a skill which will allow you to make items with metal, allowing you to make weapons or armour
These are the current 10 skills in the game, fishing, woodcutting, farming, mining, crafting, thieving, herblore, assassin, durability, smithing


A goblin sprite icon Goblin
Icon Item Amount Drop Rate
A 10x10 8 bit coin sprite Gold Coins 1 - 4 100%
A 10x10 8 bit coin sprite Goblin Eye 1 - 2 20%
A 10x10 8 bit coin sprite Wooden Sword 1 5%
A goblin sprite icon Cow
Icon Item Amount Drop Rate
A 10x10 8 bit coin sprite Bones 1 100%
A 10x10 8 bit coin sprite Cow Hide 1 100%
A goblin sprite icon Stone Golem
Icon Item Amount Drop Rate
A 10x10 8 bit coin sprite Coins 50 - 1000 100%
A 10x10 8 bit coin sprite Stone 50 100%
A goblin sprite icon Highwayman
Icon Item Amount Drop Rate
A 10x10 8 bit coin sprite Coins 8 - 19 100%


A 16x16 8 bit map icon The Orchards
The Orchards...
No icon was found image Church -
No icon was found image Farm Area A -

NPC (Non Playable Characters)

No icon was found image Farmer Joe
Location The Orchards Farm
Quest Giver No
Mini-game Mary Sue's Hot Picking


Goblin EyeWhat are you looking at?10
Recovery HerbI can use this in a health potion.25
Energy HerbI can use this in an energy potion.0
GrapesA fistful of sweet, ripe grapes.15
StonesA fistful of stones.5
LogsIt's a small stack of timber!10
Health Potion (small)There's barely even a sip of health potion in here.100
Health Potion (medium)A small swig of health potion.500
Health Potion (large)A large gulp of health potion.750
Health Potion (massive)An enormous draught of health potion!1500
Bat WingI can probably use this in a potion.0
Empty VialThere's nothing in this!5
Steel Bar300
CoalA lump of cold, black coal.150
Mithril OreMithril ore mined straight from the ground!500
Mithril BarMithril ore smelted into a mithril bar.850
BucketIt's a bucket full of disappointment.10
Bucket of WaterIt's a bucket full of water.10
Bucket of MilkIt's a bucket full of milk.15
Fishing RodI'm going to catch some fish with this!0
Recipe Book (Smelt)I love Chelsey.0
Recipe Book (Smith_Iron)Chelsey loves James.0
Iron OreIron ore mined straight from the ground!100
Iron BarIron ore smelted into an iron bar!200
CarrotA carrot? Rabbit food!5
PikeIt's a disgusting pike.0
Pike (Cooked)It's still a disgusting pike.0
Recipe Book (Cooking)Cinnamonbun loves Cinnamonbun.0
TroutIt's a disgusting, slippery trout.0
Trout (Cooked)It's still a disgusting, slippery trout.0
Bucket of SandIt's a bucket full of sand.0
PumpkinIt's big, round, orange pumpkin. 0
Present (small)It's a small present. It's the thought that counts?0
Present (medium)It's a medium present. I wonder what's inside?0
Present (large)It's a large present. It's the size that counts!0

No icon was found image Mini-games

Mary-Sue's Hot Picking


During Mary-Sue's Hot Picking, there will be two different modes, the first mode is where you play during the day, you must help the local farmer take care of his plants, if you successfully help the farmer grow his plants, you will be rewards. The second mode is played at night, during this you will have to defend the farmers crops from being attacked by night monsters, defending monsters will earn you not only combat experience, but also earn you more points.


Points will be rewards for either mode, reward points can be spent by speaking to the farmer of the patch, rewards will include ingredients for food and potions.

Museum Artifacts


Around the island are 10 hidden artifacts, collecting them and bringing them to the castle museum, you will be rewarded for each artifact you bring plus a bonus reward for finding them all!

Zodiac Signs


Throughout the game, the 12 Zodiac Signs will be hidden, finding them will reward you greatly.

Pictures from the previous game

As mentioned above, the game we're working on is a redevelopment of a previous game we made back in 2011. We do not have the original version of the game, however we do have images we had on our old face page, enjoy!

Picture 1

This is a screenshot of simple riparian environment, created for our original role playing game in summer 2011. The water was fully animated and we added a row boat to the river in order to hint at possible post-game for expansion content.

Picture 2

South of the region's captial city, we decided to place a small number of farms and vineyards. In order to add some much needed interactivity to our role playing game, the crops of these farms were fully pickable providing resources such as: grapes, potatoes, wheat and strawberries. These could be used in a varity of crafting methods.

Picture 3

Battling, was a huge component in our original role playing game. In order to flavour the game, we introduced a vast range of random encounter NPCs and monsters. These included: centaurs, sharks, chickens, scarecrows, wild hogs, will-o-wisps, jack-o-laterns, zombies, sword fish, harpies, werewolves, unicorns and many more.

Picture 4

The second stop on Dans travels was the mining and quarry town of Ironmead. This town was bordered on its westerly flank by a large and deep subterranean quarry. This quarry contained vast swathes of hide intensity enjoyment in the form of several puzzling mini-games and sub-plot lore and content.

Picture 5

All of the graphics were produced exclusively for our original role playing game, by a single artist in Paint.Net. These included several dozens of battler graphics and faces, sprites, animations, tilesets and menu elements.

Picture 6

The towering, glorious centerpiece of our region's catpial county and crownland was the imposing Castle Peregrim. This dominating, labyrinth of a castle was bedecked in the gold and purple colours of the kings lineage and contained over a dozen rooms and dungeon puzzles. In addition the court was filled with a colourful band of characters, the kitchens and library were fully interactive and the roof - complete with cannons and a parallax stormy sky background - completely accessible.

Picture 7

The original role playing game introduced a rich and splashy asortment of complex and many-layered boss characters such as the Ringmaster pictured here. This zombie-entertainer and master liontamer owned and ran the dead circus on the road west of Marrow. In order to face him and reep the treasures awarded for his defeat, Dan has to first complete the Ringmasters devilishly evil series of soul destroying challenges.

Created On: 24/08/2016 | Updated On: 23/09/2016