Jul 2019

Game Master - Four Way Pong (return)

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In ArtsFox third game release, you will play against the Game Master in "Four Way Pong". The aim of the game is use the Arrow Keys and WASD keys to control four paddles on the top, left, right and bottom screen. Stopping the ball will earn you 1 point, letting a ball pass will lose you a point. Earn 32 points to beat the game master.

There are three difficulty settings, easy, normal and hard. Easy will have powerups which will randomly appear in each corner of the screen. Normal mode will remove the powerup and hard mode mode will increase the speed of which the Game Master shoots balls at you, think you can beat him?


Main Menu

Up or Down to select a difficult setting and space to select choose the selected setting.

Game Play

Arrow Keys + WASD Keys to control the four paddles at the top, left, right and bottom screen.

Created On: 24/08/2016 | Updated On: 03/09/2016