About Page

Aug 2019

Welcome to our website!

We are ArtsFox, and we are an extremely small, England-based team dedicated to creating computer games, arts and crafts, web-comics, and… as a matter of fact, anything else that we take even a momentary, passing fancy to. ArtsFox was launched in 2014 by three artists with not an awful lot in common (we still can’t agree on CDs for the car) aside from a shared passion for awesome art and computer games.

That, it was decided, was sufficient grounding for an independent studio of our own—and ever since that fateful day, we’ve been working oh-so-tirelessly to deliver all that quality content you didn’t know you loved. (Not yet, anyway!)

At the very heart of ArtsFox is our under-celebrated roster of characters which is famed for including the legendary Acorn Joey, the fearless Alena Fox, siblings Hazelnut Hannah and Hazelnut Lee, the devious and proud Anna, cantankerous old Mr Shrew, the death-prone Aunt Muriel, and just so many more.

In addition to our own work, we’ve also the capacity to work for you. It doesn’t matter whether you or your business needs a website, new print materials, an application, a new brand image, a set of graphics, or an illustration—check out our complete set of services, or write to us and we’ll get back to you.